The ideal tool for business trips

Use Triporate, it's the solution for SMEs

Corporate Travel for SMEs

Personalized Travel Agency Service

We combine the best of an online agency with the advantages of in-person service and the closeness of a traditional travel agency.

Cutting-edge Technology at the Service of Businesses

We started as a startup and are now part
of Spain’s largest tourism group, the Avoris Group. We connect with the most important technology providers in the industry to offer our clients the best experience

We handle your travel requests instantly through Artificial Intelligence

As simple as sending an email, without the need for any installations or downloads, just write to us at, and you’re all set!

We assist you in securing the best possible contracts with suppliers

We assist you in securing the best possible contracts with suppliers. We like to go the extra mile with our clients and help companies achieve better terms, thanks to our affiliation with the Avoris Group. Together, we can achieve the best corporate rates for you.

Comprehensive Interface with Real-Time Visibility of All Your Trips and Travelers.

Triporate’s intuitive interface allows you to have all the necessary information to manage corporate travel in one place, providing you with more security and better service for traveling employees.

11.Send an email requesting what you need.

We make it easy for businesses and their travelers to request their trips.

With just one email, we handle whatever you need

22.Receive your personalized proposal.

We search and compare among the best providers, applying your travel policies

33.Click, travel resolved.

Receive the complete itinerary of your trip and your reservations in your email, wallet, and calendar.

Easy For Everyone

It's simple, send an email with what you need.

Receive a very clear proposal of the services you have requested.

If you encounter any issues during your trip, our exceptional customer service will assist you.

Any service you need for your travelers, just a click away.

See in real-time where each of your travelers is and what they need.

Apply travel policies and centralize company management.

Digitize the travel service to save time and cost

Monthly invoice with all travel expenses.

Tracking reports to drive efficiency policies

Take Control of All Your Trips

The solution for your corporate travel offered by Triporate is exactly what every SME is looking for: the ability to have complete control over all company trips within a single dashboard.

About Us

Triporate is a product of Avoris.

In 2017, four entrepreneurs decided to establish a startup that would revolutionize the way corporate travel requests were made. They developed cutting-edge AI technology that automated travel requests, saving both companies and travel agents a significant amount of time. Following a challenging pandemic period, Avoris Corporation acquired Triporate in late 2021. Avoris fueled its growth and transformed it into what it is today—a hybrid travel solution that connects with the best flight, train, and hotel booking engines in the market. The software has evolved to provide a unique travel experience.


1How Does Triporate Work?

We integrate with the best providers to do the searching and selection work for you.
Simply send an email with your needs.
No need to install or download anything.
You'll receive your travel proposal, and once you confirm, you're all set. It's that easy.

We work directly with the best providers, giving you peace of mind and security for your trip. We sleep soundly, and you ensure a smooth journey.

2How Much Does Triporate Cost for My Company?

Using Triporate is free for your company, both for sign-up and the number of users or trips.

3What Are the Advantages of Triporate Compared to a Traditional Travel Agency?

Thanks to our proprietary technology, we've improved the efficiency of travel management processes. This allows us to offer personalized service to each client, up to 10 times faster than a traditional travel agency, while adjusting to the needs of each traveler.

4How Does Triporate Learn from Each Trip?

Just like spending more time with a person helps you get to know them better, the same goes for Triporate. We learn from each company's logic, policies, and preferences. The same happens with each traveler individually. Your preferences are recorded with each trip, and everything is stored for future trips.

Tell us your preferences: window or aisle seat, 4 or 5-star hotel, traveling in the direction of the march, flights always before 10 a.m. You decide, and we organize it.

5How Do We Ensure the Best Price for Each Trip?

We integrate numerous providers and compare each service among them. This allows us to not only have a much larger service portfolio than a traditional Travel Agency but also to offer you the best conditions for your trip.

6How Long Does It Take to Transition from My Company's Current System to Triporate?

To use Triporate, you don't need to install or download anything. Both management profiles and travelers can use it by simply sending an email from their corporate accounts.

We will go through an onboarding process together to incorporate necessary information about the people traveling in your company, travel policies, maximum costs per service, hotel categories, etc. Once this is done, we can start working together.

Triporate can use any existing company database, so we can complete the sign-up process in a matter of minutes, and each traveler can personalize their preferences.

7Is There Any Exclusivity or Commitment?

Our contract doesn't require exclusivity or a minimum billing amount. We'll simply be there when you need a trip.
The more you travel with Triporate, the more our intelligent platform will learn about you, making our service more efficient.
If something doesn't go as expected, we'll apologize and make it right. But if you decide to leave, we'll make the process hassle-free.

And if everything goes as planned, don't hesitate to share the experience. : )

8How Is Travel Billing Handled?

You won't have to worry about getting invoices for each trip; we take care of it. At the end of the month, you'll receive a consolidated report with the expenses of all the trips you've taken, itemized for each trip.

9Service Hours and Traveler Support

For travel requests and planning, our office hours are Monday to Friday, from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. If you contact us outside of these hours, we'll address your request first thing the next day. We also have an emergency travel support service.

10What Happens If an Emergency Arises During the Trip?

We understand that many things can happen during a trip: extending your stay, delays, missed flights or trains. But you can rest easy; we'll take care of it.

If you encounter an emergency during your trip, our team of Travel Geniuses will be there to find a solution as quickly as possible. We track all travelers, so when a traveler is en route and calls our helpline, it automatically goes to the incidents department, and one of our agents will assist them with whatever they need.

11Can I Monitor All Trips in Real-Time?

Triporate has developed a management tool that allows you to view all company trips in real-time on a dashboard. This control panel not only helps you track upcoming trips and completed trips but also allows you to adjust travel policies, add/remove travelers, manage payment methods, and access detailed invoices.